February 7, 2011

New article on one of the best natural insecticides available today, natural pyrethrin. http://www.nipcam.com/pest_control_help_and_knowledge/pesticides_and_insecticides/natural_pyrethrin.html


February 4, 2011

You could be giving the one you love something besides romance in her Valentine’s Day roses! http://www.nipcam.com/news/pest_in_the_news_%7c_pest_control_news/valentine%27s_day_pest_threat.html

November 10, 2010

How do you set a mouse trap? Following these steps will improve your success of capture. http://www.nipcam.com/pest_control_help_and_knowledge/rodents/how_do_you_place_and_set_a_mouse_trap?.html

October 4, 2010

Fall is here an it’s time to protect your home from bugs trying to escape from the cool weather into our homes. Use Annihilator to create a barrier around your home and keep them out. http://www.nipcam.com/store/insecticides/ant_control/annihilator_wp_1lb_wettable_powder.html

September 28, 2010

We now offer wasp freeze online. Wasp Freeze is one of the best wasp sprays available with fast knockdown and a long range spray. http://www.nipcam.com/store/insecticides/wasp_and_hornets/wasp_freeze_wasp_and_hornet_killer.html

September 27, 2010

We have recently added Temprid SC to the store. This insecticide is one of the best for bed bug control and home perimeter treatments. http://www.nipcam.com/store/insecticides/bed_bugs/temprid_sc.html

September 27, 2010

Next time you travel use these tips to check your hotel room for a bed bug infestation. http://www.nipcam.com/pest_control_help_and_knowledge/insects/how_to_check_a_hotel_room_for_bed_bugs.html

September 4, 2010

Following up on out last news article on bedbugs, it appears that even Google has become infested… http://www.nipcam.com/news/latest_news/bedbugs_infest_google’s_new_york_office.html

September 4, 2010

Check out NIPCAM’s new homepage http://www.nipcam.com/.

June 24, 2010

Did you know there can be as many as 40 million fire ants per acre?! Take back your yard with these highly effective fire any baits. http://www.nipcam.com/store/insecticides/ant_control.html